As I drove home from work the other night I found myself listening to “I’m On Fire” as covered by a band named Whitehorse on Q. Jim Brown was filling in for Jian Ghomeshi. I have to pause for a second just to say, as a former Calgarian, I miss listening to Jim Brown on a daily, morning basis. It’s a treat when I get to hear him on national programs like Q, or The Current.

But back to the story… I’m in the car listening to “I’m On Fire” and I think to myself, ‘this guitar player is fantastic’. And then Whitehorse finishes playing and Jim Brown calls them over to the desk. “On guitar, Luke Doucet, and on vocals, Melissa McClelland.” Rad.

Their independent work is great on its own. I’m happy to see the couple collaborating now, officially. Take a listen when you get a chance. May I close by saying I owe my love of Luke Doucet to my friend Matt Grier who accidentally left Doucet’s ‘Blood’s Too Rich’ in my car one afternoon. ‘Long Haul Driver’ makes for a fantastic opener on the album.


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